My camera is a constant companion in discovering the complexities of beauty, emotion and human connection. Contemplation, joy, creativity and the struggle for freedom and justice are the landscapes I am most drawn to explore. Photography is a daily reminder that one sees clearly only with the heart.*

Susan Freundlich spent two decades working as a sign language interpreter and performing artist, translating the poetry of songwriters and the drama of theater into American Sign Language.

Widely regarded as one of the primary initiators of the bridge-building work of making social issues more widely accessible to deaf people through performance sign language interpretation in concert halls and theatres, Susan’s pioneering work won early recognition in the Academy Award-nominated documentary film, See What I Say.

Communicating in sign language involves a deep way of seeing the other, which was for Susan, a natural precursor to her search for the decisive moment** when the window of connection opens between the subject and the photographer.

Susan fell in love with photography trying to capture the color of light filtered through the leaves of summer trees, the open innocence of young ballerinas, and the delight and determination in the eyes of children at play.

She brings her passion for the work of musicians, dancers and actors to photographing people and performing artists at work. She has photographed numerous musicians and dancers in concert.

A lifelong commitment to being an active participant in struggles for freedom and justice finds expression in her images from the Middle East, South Africa and places where indigenous cultures are threatened. Susan is proud to be a member of the worldwide tribe sharing these stories.
She photographs artists at work, people of all ages and the natural world. She has studied with Elizabeth Opalenik, Arthur Meyerson, Tony O’Brien, Vincent Versace and Tony Corbell.

Susan has served as executive and development director in a number of nonprofit organizations, and as a consultant for nonprofits and philanthropies in fund development and executive coaching.

* Antoine de Saint Exupéry
** Henri Cartier Bresson
Color Photo of Susan Freundlich ©Susan Wilson
Historical B/W image of Susan Freundlich ©Irene Young